Adaptive Rowing encompasses individuals with numerous types of disabilities including, but not limited to, paraplegics, quadriplegics, amputees, and the visually impaired. The basic requirement is the ability to use one or both upper extremities even if there is limited strength and an understanding of the need for safety on and around the water.

The basic techniques of adaptive rowing are the same as with "regular" rowing -- balance, timing, and oar work. The adaptations are based on the needs of the individual rower. Fixed seats (as opposed to sliding seats) are used for para's and quad's. For amputees, extra weight may be added to the boat for balance. Pontoons can also be added for extra stability. Disabled rowers can pair up with either another disabled rower or able bodied rower in a double "shell", or row by themselves in a single. Adaptive rowing can be competitive, recreational, or both.

The Louisville Rowing Club's Adaptive Rowing Program will begin its ninth year of operation in the year 2004.

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