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Welcome to the Louisville Rowing Club!

The Louisville Rowing Club (LRC) is excited that you're interested in the growing sport of rowing! The LRC consists of members of all skill levels, ages 14 and up, who enjoy rowing sweep and scull boats on the Ohio River.

We do recommend that you take lessons through the club or elsewhere prior to joining or as your introduction to the club. This provides you with the opportunity to get some first-hand experience with the sport, which will help you decide if rowing is something you really want to pursue.

The LRC offers a variety of rowing experiences: introductory lessons, recreational workouts in teams with fellow members, leisurely weekend group outings, single and double sculling, as well as competitive racing at regattas.


The LRC has an active Board of Directors who oversee the operations of the club's two boathouses. The board is currently working to develop the club further and promote rowing in the Kentuckiana area.

Volunteers handle the primary operations and maintenance of the boathouses, so we request everyone's help and cooperation to ensure a good experience for everyone. We are always looking for suggestions, so please feel free to ask questions and get involved.


At the LRC, safety is our top priority all times. For that reason, we have certain club rules to ensure that the equipment is handled properly and safely. A copy of the rules is provided to each member and posted at each boathouse.


Upon joining the club, make sure you get a boathouse orientation to familiarize you with all the equipment. A general skill level will be assigned to you based on your experience and comfort level with the boats on the water -- particularly with the single and double sculls, which are more challenging than other boats. We don't want to limit anyone's enjoyment of the sport, but we do want to ensure that no one attempts to row a boat beyond his or her skill level, both for club members' safety as well as that of the equipment. Water and weather conditions can change very quickly, and depending on how much experience you've had out on the water, this poses potentially dangerous problems. The club provides life jackets and, as necessary, a safety launch.

  • General Membership

    $225.00 per year [Jan 1 to Dec 31]

    As a person applying for or holding a GENERAL MEMBERSHIP classification in the Louisville Rowing Club, you are entitled to full use of club equipment [all equipment you are certified to use] at any time of the day. You must understand and agree to follow the rules set forth by the club.

  • Junior Membership

    $150.00 per season [June 1 to September 30]

    As a person applying for or holding a JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP classification in the Louisville Rowing Club, you must follow all Louisville Rowing Club rules as set forth by the club. In addition, you must follow all of the rules set forth for the Junior Program that is run and/or regulated by the Louisville Rowing Club. Times for this program may be limited by weather conditions or for other unforeseen reasons. During Junior rowing season, a supervised session on the water will be held no less than two times a week, weather permitting.

  • College [Out-of-Town Only]

    $100.00 per year [Jan 1 to Dec 31]

    This category will only be used for full time college students who reside out of state. As a person applying for or holding a COLLEGE MEMBERSHIP classification in the Louisville Rowing Club, you are entitled to row when you come home to the Louisville area for holidays, school breaks, and the three months of the summer [June through August]. This entitles you to use any club equipment that you are qualified to use as often as you like, with the understanding that you understand and agree to comply with club rules. You must be at least eighteen years old and be enrolled in college full time to apply for this category.

  • Adaptive Program

    $50.00 per year [April to November 30]

    The classification for ADAPTIVE MEMBERSHIP in the Louisville Rowing Club is offered to persons with physical disabilities [able-bodied rowers must apply for another membership category]. You must obey all club rules set forth by the Louisville Rowing Club. In addition, you will agree to follow all rules et forth by the Louisville Rowing Club that pertain to this program. Any person with this classification cannot use any club equipment except that equipment designated for this program. This membership is limited to special times and equipment usage.

  • Adaptive Volunteers

    $40.00 one-time instruction fee [free of membership dues]

    Any person applying for the category of ADAPTIVE VOLUNTEER will pay the one-time fee of $40.00 for sculling lessons [this is a reduced fee]. This is to insure you have proper instruction in rowing and orientation to club operations. In agreeing to the reduced price of classes, the person will commit to volunteer with the Adaptive Program for the term of one year [assisting at approximately one session per week during the Adaptive season]. This category does not give the person permission to use any club equipment except that designated for the adaptive program. Any rowing beyond the times scheduled for the Adaptive Program will constitute a General Membership and the rower will be billed for dues in the General Membership category.

All membership applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and may be changed or disallowed. Any exceptions to the dues categories must be approved by the Board.

Any person may apply for help with dues under a hardship waiver. This is held in confidence and must be submitted for review by the Board of Directors.

The club makes every effort to make it enjoyable and easy for everyone to row. See you on the water!


Because of the varying skill levels of rowers, we ask that beginner and novice rowers practice the buddy system while on the water. Club boats are available for all members in good standing who've followed the proper scheduling procedure. Private boats are stored at both boathouses and are not to be used without the express permission of the boat owners. All club boats are marked with a "Louisville Rowing Club" Decal. There's a lot more to discover about the LRC and rowing. So come out to the boathouse and experience for yourself the great fun and exercise available on the Ohio River.


Click here for a membership application form.

Click here for the 2004 lesson schedule and form.

Thanks for your interest!