Congratulations, Tori!

On December 3, 1999 at 8:46 am EST, Tori Murden rowed to the harbor at Guadeloupe, successfully completing her 81-day row across the Atlantic to become the FIRST American and FIRST woman to complete the "Head of the Atlantic" solo row.

< Tori finally spotted by her support team near Guadeloupe.


LRC and American Pearl support team members, Luckett and Kathy, use different styles of giving thanks for Tori's achievement.


< Joe inspects the American Pearl after its arrival just before the clouds roll in.

The American Pearl rests peacefully at the dock. >


< Tori receives advice on accessorizing just after reaching the dock in Guadeloupe.


Tori gets great coverage in an article written by Martha Barnette in the June 2000 issue of Women's Sports and Fitness. Check it out (page 108).

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