Letter - Fall 2000
by Bob Hurley, Boathouse Manager

One more year has passed all too quickly. Some things remained much the same, while other new and exciting things happened at the rowing club.

First, the new rowing facility is still being worked on with the Waterfront Commission and The University of Louisville. Hopefully we will have something positive to report in the spring.

The club is currently working on a safety video for our club. This will be more specific to our needs and situations. When finished we will encourage all rowers in the club to view it. Safety is still a big concern for the club. This is a matter for all members, no matter which house we row out of. Safety cannot be forgotten by any rower or coxswain. We row in a very busy pool on the river and pleasure craft are as big a problem as barges. Do not get complacent in the place you row; this is when accidents happen.

The Adult learn-to-row classes went well this summer. Most classes were at the capacityof eight rowers. We tried to limit the class size this year to eight so the instruction could be more concentrated on those rowers. Joe Jacobi deserves much thanks for all the help in the classes this summer. A big thanks to all the club members that filled in as rowers or coxswains as needed for classes. Some times we had been known to pull people off the water to fill a seat. Everyone was glad to help anywhere they were needed in a class.


The High School program this spring saw Sacred Heart and Assumption High Schools both going Varsity. Each school sported a team of around 30 girls. This year we again traveled to Cincinnati for the Ohio Invitational. Two weeks later we returned to Cincinnati for the Midwest Regionals. Still no medals, but the times and the finish places are getting better as we gain more experience with each race. The facilities and personnel at the regatta site are top-notch with the athletes. In one 8+ race, one of our girls caught what could only be described as a monster crab and was knocked out cold in the boat. The officials were right there and got her to the hospital. She was awake at the hospital and released to her parents. Everything turned out fine. Again, much thanks to the parents of the athletes. Without them we could not do what we do with the racing schedule.

This program would not begin to exist without the expertise of one person -- and that is Noreen Powers. We can not say thank you enough for her work on setting up schedules and coaching. All the high school rowers will be going to Cincinnati in February for the Indoor Erg Races.


The Head of the Licking in Newport Ky. (sponsored by The Cincinnati Rowing Club) saw our trailer for the first time. We went with entries in, OPEN 1 X, MASTER 1X, MASTER WOMEN 4+, MIXED 2X, WOMENıS 2X, two entries in WOMENıS OPEN 4+, and one entry in WOMEN OPEN 8+. We brought home our share of jewelry from this outing.

Next we traveled to Indianapolis with U of Lıs novice team. Again we had more entries than last year. We had one entry in BOYS YOUTH 1X with Joseph Burks taking second place, and one entry in the MASTER MEN 1X with Bob Hurley finishing fifth. We also had two entries in the GIRLS YOUTH 4+, and one entry in the GIRLS YOUTH 8+. The first race this year for a BOYS YOUTH 4 + saw a team from Atherton High School make their debut in the world of rowing.

We tend to generate excitement whereever we go and this outing was no exception, when the girls 8+ had a close encounter with the bridge on the way to the start. The last race of the season saw us heading south to Atlanta for The Head of the Hooch. Our MASTER WOMEN 4+ rowed better than ever and placed fourth out of a field of eight. This is a strong finish at this race. MASTERS WOMEN2X, was scratched due to time and rain. We had one entry in Youth 1 X, with Joseph Burke fighting hard for a fifth place finish in a field of ten. Menıs MASTER 1X rounded out the racing form: Bob Hurley was pushed hard at the finish and held off a boat by only three feet to finish eighth in a field of thirteen.

All times are getting faster each year. Next year we are looking for medals at this race. Just a thought, as you look at the above list of races, there is one thing missing. Where are the menıs crew boats? Why do we not have menıs boats going to the races in the fall? Could there be a scheduling conflict, not enough practice time to put a crew together, or is the interest just not there for the men in the club to go to races? This may be something the club needs to look at in the future. The fall races are really an end to the means. This is a fun thing to do at the end of the summer and a goal for which to practice all summer. As Noreen says, "We only go for the T-shirt." We have food and drink and it is just a party for the day. Winning is just gravy.

Remember that the Master Nationals are being hosted by Indianapolis next year. The races are in the month of August. This is close enough to be a day trip for anyone. Every rower should plan to go and watch this regatta. The competion in this regatta is as good as any race in the country. Plus we master rowers can relate more closely to these competitors, considering that they are our age. Hope to see everyone in the spring.