Letter -- Spring 2000
by Bob Hurley, Boathouse Manager

With the temperature being above normal on January first, many people in the club pushed the season and got on the water very early. It was nice to be on the water again!This did not last long as the weather closed in and the temperature dropped.

The general club meeting and party was held at Nancy's Bagel Grounds, which is owned by a club member and is a favorite hangout for some of the club members. Every year more members attend this function. All the rules that have changed were explained to the club members in attendance. This year as in past years rules were modified to emphasize safety on the water.

All the information about the new boat house was encouraging. Beth Brown is doing an excellent job dealing with The Waterfront Development Commission.

The spring work party in the downtown boathouse was a big success, even with short notice. The ramp to the dock was straightened out and the house got a much-needed washing out. Thanks to all who came and helped out!

The equipment list continues to grow. We have purchased a 1995 lightweight Vespoli eight from Kansas University. Much thanks to Bill Serad in locating this shell. Bill is now the regional representative for Vespoli Boats. We also acquired one new Concept II ergometer, along with three sets of slides for the ergs. Two more sets of sweep oars were also purchased.


The erg sessions that started out as a Monday night torture session were expanded to Wednesday night. Different people show up, and the sessions were only as hard as you wanted them to be.

Noreen Powers started to coach Joseph Burke for the Junior National Team.This means sending in erg times for 6000 meters and 2000 meter distances. Aaron Todd helped out with the training sessions. Aaron came to the club with a very accomplished rowing background. His advice is much appreciated in setting up training sessions, as he once held the Crash-B lightweight record.

Joseph Burke, with his parents in tow, went to Xavier University in Cincinnati to try his best in the CRASH-B's. Rowing in the 1500m Junior Novice category, he pulled his best time of 5:20.

Bob Hurley raced in the Senior Light Weight division. He pulled his personal best at 7.27:2, dropping 10 seconds off his personal best. This score placed him first in his category and15th over all in the master division. Noreen and Nancy made the trip to coach and for general support when we competed.


The high school season started on February 28th with the same schools coming back this year. Assumption's crew is 28 members strong, with Debbie Judd returning as a very valuable part of the coaching staff. Sacred Heart came back as strong as they were last year, with 33 crew members. Saint Francis High School returned with 12 members. Each team has a good number of novice rowers this year. Collegiate High School is also back, rowing under a separate program under the guidance of Brian Johnson.


We plan to race in Cincinnati at the Ohio Invitational on April 22nd. The next weekend on the 29th, everyone is invited down to the boathouse for the second annual LOUISVILLE REGATTA. The races will start early and will include the high school teams and club teams for as many races as possible. Email the LRC for times and further information.

The next time out of town will find us again in Cincinnati for The Midwest Regional on May 13th.


Adaptive rowing is scheduled to start in May and run through the summer months. Susan Radtke is planning to take the program to Denver this summer for two weeks to help set up other programs. U S Rowing had two articles about the LRC's Adaptive Program in the magazine this year.


Learn-to-row classes are scheduled to start in June this year. Calls for these classes are coming in on a regular basis. Much thanks to Deb Clem and Martha Barnette for the web page, as many people have contacted us through this medium.

This year the club would like to sponsor a fun row at the end of every month. We will try to do this on Friday evening around six p.m. This way the old members can get acquainted with the people that just started to row. This is the time when the new rowers feel most intimidated by the experienced rowers and need to meet them. The row will be informal and we wish for people to stay and mingle after the rows.

We all have got to pitch in and help the novice rowers to advance in the club and the sport. We all were novices at one time. Somewhere along the line someone made a good impression on you and so you stayed, and rowed till you got to be the best. Now is the time to give up some of that experience to others.